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We are an Italian based Company founded in 1948.
In 1977 enters into the world of construction with the production of the three-layer panels.
The Company leaded by a strong innovation mindset and creativity typically Italian, in 1993 designed and developed a revolutionary panel for the world of formwork, that combines wood with plastic materials to meet the needs of the customer.
The STRATO-STOCK® panel becomes soon the core business of the company. In a time span of few years manages to penetrate the world formwork market, sparking great interest from world leaders in the sector.
Joint ventures and patents with major players in the sector allow Ilpa to develop new products that are increasingly attractive to the world of concrete castings.
The latest great innovation born from the evolution of the three-layer panel made more robust and resistant thanks to its perimeter polyurethane high pressure injected edge protection is PUR-STOCK®.
It’s a panel used as the traditional shuttering board, combined with the wooden beams for slabs signs the start for a new business in the rental sector, giving the best answer to new needs of the market.
OUR VISION We have been producing innovation for 70 years with passion and reliability combined to the Italian creativity,
We believe that joint research and development agreements with the major industry players in this field are an effective way of meeting many unmet demands in the market.
We advocate for technological transfer between different sectors of the market.
We strive to continue as we started, developing increasingly better solutions in the field of composite panels for the building industry.
MODUS OPERANDI The persistent innovation created by ILPA, is the result of traditional internal research, with the typical Italian inventiveness and the transfer of innovation from other technological sectors with the support of our partners.
We are focused on outperforming solutions for our customers’ satisfaction through collaborative work with other important companies in the sector.
From this approach our motto is: STRONGER TOGETHER.
We believe in the importance of providing customized solutions that best meet customer needs, safety and reliability requirements.
We are expert in this.
Our panels are the result of production synergies that make use of an excellent system of:
- Traceability: all STRATO-STOCK®panel bundles have an identification label on which the production code and the barcode are shown, which allow for orderly and swift inventory management.
-Laser engraving: all STRATO-STOCK®panels have a laser engraved tracking number on one side of the plastic overlay. This method guarantees maximum traceability for each panel, both for us and our customers.
- Customization: STRATO-STOCK ® can be delivered with the surface customized with the logo
Ilpa pays always attention to the quality and excellence of the products which are strictly checked by ultrasound waves to confirm the good quality of the core of the panel guarantying the main features of our panels:

  1. Resistance
  2. Long life span
  3. Easy cleaning

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