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Vipa SRL

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VIPA is a well-known brand with 50 years experience in the world of industry and more precisely in the sector of plastic storage solutions. It is an high-end Italian company and its name derives from the first two initial letters of its Founder, Mr. Vittorio Pasquini.
Our company identity blends elegance, style and continuous innovation; it is our DNA, our distinguishing features all over the world. 
We create value by organizing logistic and working spaces of our customers. We manufacture open fronted stackable bins, tilt-boxes, organizer, service cases, modular drawer systems with steel’s support applications such as panels, trolleys, frames, cabinets. A precious heritage which allow us to improve every day generating new ideas to propose and introduce on the international market.
Firstly designed for hardware stores, our products allow to store and classify any type of small parts such as screws, nuts, rivets and many more and can be used in any warehouse where storage and classification of small parts is required.  For this reason they are widely used in industries (automotive, construction, furniture, fashion) and in logistic field as they are perfect to be stacked on shelving systems.
We manufacture and enhance all our range using exclusive, innovating and high quality raw materials.
We are the Made in Italy ‘par excellence’, appreciated, recognized and sold all over the world.
Our company is characterized by a strategic team. 
From the R&D Dpt. which includes the product and development designer and the Workshop Dpt. which is located in the heart of the plant, structured and organized by qualified personnel.
All the molds, owned by us, are designed, manufactured and subject to maintenance internally, in order to promptly satisfy the needs of all our production lines and consequently of our customers.
The Dpt. Production boasts a strategic machine park and works in a continuous cycle. A large warehouse allows us to always have a high level of stock able to satisfy immediate preparation and shipment of goods.
The Management together with the Marketing Dpt. and the Sales Executives work closely together, thus guaranteeing the best possible service. Our smart staff speaks several languages, English, German, Spanish and French, assisting customers in the best possible way from the early stages of negotiations to strategic sales. Our skills are thus brought together in different specialized departments.
Thanks to the perfect assistance of all projects – from the first design studies to the delivery of the finished product – we offer to our customers innovative solutions of long-terms product quality and the best assistance. Care for detail is essential as well as efficient customer support.
Our strong points
Quality Made in VIPA. World leader in the design and manufacture of high quality plastic items.
Reliability Thanks to the most modern production processes, the precious materials used and a careful and scrupulous maintenance, our products boast a quality that remains unchanged over time.
Modernity Production plants of the latest generation, innovative manufactures developments, outstanding designs are some of the many features, which make our products unmatched. This winning recipe together with our great experience and a continuous study distinguish us on the market.
Flexibility We work our products according to specific and careful criteria, following the requests and needs of our customers. We produce all our items with standard colors, adapting them to special ones and customized screen prints.
We aim to stand out on the international scene spreading the values of our Made in Italy, creating order and respecting the environment thanks to use of exclusive, innovating and high quality raw materials. We are the perfect partner, the reference point in the manufacture of long-term solutions, offering our customers our great experience and expertise.

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