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Altek Italian Design is an Italian manufacturing Company dedicated to the study and realization of innovative and original furniture for residential use and for all the common areas, included lounge & office areas and public spaces. The company reflects the heritage of four generations, which have been involved since 1920 in the production of seating and other furniture. The passionate study and dedication in developing exquisite Italian design products has been the reason for the success of Altek. The high reputation gained in the international arena has led the Company to work with over forty Countries all over the World. The product itself and the services offered are the result of a continuous dialogue between Altek and architects and designers who are testing every day what it means to live and work in environments that need to be practical as well as pleasant, representing an efficient investment too. The desire is to offer products where creativity and design are free expression, thanks to that unique feeling and manufacturing experience gained through decades of work.
1920 - The founder Giuseppe Baggio and his son Vittorio Senior, which were already making shoes and wooden clogs since 1880, start to manufacture wooden chairs with handmade straw seats in their artisan workshop in Thiene (Vicenza).
1930 - Vittorio Baggio Senior focuses on the production of wooden seating. He designs by himself several products, making new original and innovative shapes and decorations.
1940 - The workshop becomes the “Baggio Vittorio & Figli” Company and in 1945 is one of the founder members in Vicenza of Associazione Industriali, the National Association of Manufacturers.
1950 - The Company makes and obtains the patent for the first adjustable deckchair named
“Poltrona Delizia” a master piece of design reckonable in many Italian beaches for decades. The chair is conceived by Vittorio Baggio Junior who joined his father in the Company.
1960 - Vittorio Baggio Junior with his brother Carlo and his sister Maria, founds the “Baggio” Company and begins to make metal chairs which shortly start to export abroad.
1970 - The production of wood chairs is definitively left and the Company focuses on steel and aluminium manufacturing, creating  collections for home, office and contract.
The Company achieves its highest expansion and becomes Italian market leader with 5 factories, 500 workers and a daily production of 7.000 chairs, tables and accessories, exported all over the world by large distributors like IKEA and SEARS U.S.A. & SEARS CANADA.
1990 - Franco and Silvia Baggio join the father Vittorio and create the Altek® brand, a new line of patented articles with unique and refined design, drawn in collaboration with the most prestigious Italian and European designers.
2000 - Altek® brand becomes a datum point for worldwide architects and interior designers and wins important awards as “Good Design” for ‘Vertigo’ line and “IDot” awards for ‘Graal’ table and ‘Kore’ chair.
2010 - The brand Altek® becomes “Altek Italia Design” and adopts a new philosophy of research and development, based on the concept of “Furniture Islands”, a new collection characterized by modularity, innovation and eco-sustainability.
2020 – Today the Altek’s production is based on a selection of original design and luxury products all covered by patent, like chairs, armchairs, stools, sofas, tables, office seating, lounge seating, modular soft seating and also benches, bollards and other urban furniture. Besides our engineering department is available for customized elements and advanced concepts design too. The prototyping is made inside our main factory as well the steel production, upholstery, assembling and packaging . All the other specific production activities take place in some Italian factories under our control.
Our headquarter is placed in the heart of regional furniture district that makes available all the most advanced technologies and innovative materials researches applied to furniture industry.

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